Get Geronimo

First of all – a warm welcome to our newest blogger Kelli – thanks for joining SBB, girl! We are so glad to have you.

Ok, now to the Geronimo point: Ladies and gents, my friend and co-blogger Beth has convinced me to swallow my pride and expose myself (no, no nudity, keep on reading). 😉

For those of you that know me in real life it is common knowledge that I am not very competitive, meaning – scores have little effect on my ability to enjoy myself shooting. Some of my friends even joke that I think IDPA stands for “I Don’t Practice at All” and that is not far from the truth. In short – I’m not that great at competitive shooting but I sure have loads of fun!

Fun and games aside, I am very self-conscious just like most women. And while losing doesn’t bother me at the range, I usually don’t want my poor performance or mistakes plastered all over the internet for everyone to see and judge (can you relate?). Beth, however, pointed out it would be helpful to other beginner female shooters to see that a girl can participate and enjoy herself regardless of her level of marksmanship.

So, here it is – I have decided to start posting pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure. I hope my embarrassment is not in vain and at least one new lady decides to pick up a gun and give competitive shooting a try regardless of how “good” or “bad” she thinks she is!

Stage Backstory

While I was going through my files looking for old shooting pics, I came across the first EVER video of me shooting, and behold – it is through the perspective of some video glasses I had borrowed from none other but Beth. Frankly, I couldn’t quite figure them out so I think I got a grand total of 2 videos at that match, one of which is below.

This was shot at the 2nd annual 2011 Midwest Regional BackStoppers Challenge in Arnold, MO. The match raised funds for the BackStoppers organization – a non-profit that helps the families of Police Officers, Firefighters and EMT workers that have lost their lives in the line of duty – so the cause was very dear to my heart! As a sanctioned regional IDPA match, it included several states, which turned out to account for quite a few people.

This particular stage was called “Get Geronimo”(stage #9). If you don’t remember – (aside from being the name of a legendary Apache leader) Geronimo was largely believed to be the codename for Osama Bin Laden during the Operation Neptune Spear for his capture and execution in May 2011. The stage was pretty straightforward – on signal, drop your fake AR-15, engage all “guards” along the way with at least one round each (you’re saving ammo for the important target) and when you get to the bottom of the hall you have to look down at these cards (sorry, the angle of the glasses didn’t show them), which will tell you who Osama is. He gets 2 to the body, 1 in the head for obvious reasons. IDPA rules apply. Pretty cool, huh?

The stage was simple relative to some of the others, but boy – was it exciting! Here is a link to all stages: And one to the Match Website:

And here is what my trembling hands look like when I think I’m a total bad@$$ Navy Seal hunting for a psychopath terrorist:

Geronimo E-KIA (Enemy Killed In Action – get it?)

If you ever get a chance to shoot at the Arnold Rifle & Pistol Club (ARPC) in Missouri – I highly recommend it. Mark Goede, the Match Director, and all the great volunteers make the experience of shooting a match there unforgettable! And, it is for a good cause.

I hope despite my shooting skills (or lack thereof) you can experience some of the joy and excitement I have come to love about this sport. For everyone’s laughing pleasure – I promise I will continue to post videos if you only promise to give shooting a try! 😉


Your friendly neighborhood gun lady,


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Gun Queen. Competition Shooter. Potty Mouth Blogger. I shoot competitively. Then I write funny stuff about it.
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4 Responses to Get Geronimo

  1. Survey Seven says:

    you looked good to me, great job, you had fun and no one got hurt, except for the targets and that’s what they were born to do, “die you cardboard dummies die!” you have to keep it fun 🙂

    • Diana says:

      Thank you. 🙂 No mercy for the paper, hahaha! Yes, I agree – safety and fun are my top priorities (and everyone else’s, I hope). Thanks for your support, I guess we’ll keep annihilating targets then… 😉 ~Diana

  2. Melissa says:

    Hi. I clicked on a link on the IDPA FB page and found myself here. I’m from Malaysia and I started shooting a year ago, and only started competing in IDPA this year. I’m not all that great at it, but winning isn’t everything! Although I do compare my scores against my male teammates (who do way better), I remind myself over and over again that I’m there to have fun, and to beat my own personal best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. LOL. Anyway, it’s great to meet other women taking up IDPA as it’s not as popular here, compared to IPSC. 🙂

    • Diana says:

      Hi Melissa! Great to meet you too (even though it is only online)!
      You know, I have gotten in the habit of not really looking at the scores that much. I figure – if I did really well, somebody will come pat my shoulder and say “Good job”. If not – I don’t care, I’ll just try harder next time. 🙂
      I like both IDPA and IPSC – they are different and equally fun! I think IDPA has great advantages, especially for us, women. I don’t know about you, but I think it helps us get prepared for the possibility of a defensive situation (God forbid).
      Again – great to meet you. It is way cool that we now have a friend in Malaysia! Rock on, girl!

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