Who needs PEOPLE when we have 3 GUN NATION magazine!?


I didn’t intend on this being my first post here but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with you a fresh off the press online magazine from Chad Adams and Pete Brown of 3-Gun Nation!

Issue #1 is 108 pages of goodness! Tips from pros like Bruce Piatt, Jansen Jones and Patrick Kelley are highlighted and there is a general run down of the 2012 season! Skimming through, I noticed A LOT of eye candy ladies, and by that I mean there are some HOT weapons pictured!

The full line-up of competitors for the 3GN Championship, set to take place on the side of a mountain in Vegas, is included and for you SHOT Show attendees, this is a can’t miss event!

Click the link below and you’ll be whisked away to 3-Gun Nation…



About gunslingerhoney

The daughter of a police officer, the girl that got dared to enter a shooting match before I even had a pistol of my own, the girl that now is mildly obsessed with guns & gear, that's ME! Shooting has become much more than just weekend fun. It's a way to teach my nephews gun safety at an early age and show the non-believers that it's okay for women to own guns. I've been blessed to acquire the gear to shoot pistol and 3 Gun matches and one day I hope to be as talented as the women I shoot with. I couldn't do it without my awesome sponsors Voodoo Tactical, Roth Concept Innovations, FrogLube, AP Customs, What Ya Say Hearing Protection, Comp-Tac and Warren Tactical.
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