Welcome Kelli: SBB’s Newest Blogger

There are people in this world that you either REALLY like when you first meet them or you REALLY don’t.  Then, there’s Kelli!  HAHA — Just kidding!

John Scoutten, Kelli, Mark Wills (photo by Yamil Sued -- I think)

John Scoutten, Kelli, Mark Wills (photo by Yamil Sued — might have been me,  but I can’t remember)

I first met Kelli a couple of years ago.  She was in  Columbia to hang out with her good friend Mark Wills (some of you know Mark as country music superstar) who was in town to practice for the Cup and have a little fun with firearms.

Kelli’s sense of humor, infectious laugh and accuracy with a rifle made me quickly realize that we were going to be good friends.

Kelli started shooting matches around the same time I did.  We’ve only shot together once, but one of these days, we’ll get together again.  If you ever hear me talk about the time my GLOCK 34 competed in the Bianchi Cup and I didn’t, that’s because Kelli used it!  I wasn’t able to shoot the match because I was volunteering for the NRA, but I wanted to make sure it got put to good use!

For a while now, I have asked her to co-write on SBB with me.  She finally agreed – YAY!  Kelli’s perspective of guns and gear will be refreshing, and I know she’ll have something to offer for everyone, especially as a 3-gunner.  Please welcome Kelli with open arms.  She’ll be posting blogs soon!


Beth & Kelli @ Bianchi

Beth & Kelli on the range @ Bianchi


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