Saturday and NRA

The 141st Annual NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits started Friday morning, April 13th, with a ceremonial ribbon cutting ceremony that included (left to right) official show sponsors, MidwayUSA owners Brenda & Larry Potterfield, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierra, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and current NRA President David Keene.  So pleased to see the Governor come out to this event!  He may be a Democrat, but he’s a great supporter of people the come and visit the State of Missouri.

My friend Cathy (she makes custom molded ear plugs) and I headed to St. Louis this morning, bright and early!  Today’s drive to St. Louis was less than ideal.  It rained the whole way there but as soon as we parked and made it into the convention center, we were ready to make our way into the exhibit hall.

Today I was a member of the Media, representing Women’s Outdoor News.  My first place to go to once I got in the door was the Press Office, where I picked up my badge so I could get into the exhibit hall — security is really tight at the NRA show if you’ve never been.

Next, I hit the main hallway. The first bright and shiny face I saw was Paula Koenig (no relation to World-Champion shooter Doug Koenig), a long time NRA volunteer.  She and her hubby Richard have been volunteering at NRA events for at least 20 years. Amazing!

It was great to see a lot of other friendly faces today too!  Barb Baird and Britney Starr (fellow Team WON members), Julie Golob, Jessie and Matt Duff, Coni Brooks and Jessica Brooks-Stevens of Barnes Bullets, Doug Koenig, The ShootingUSA guys (Jim, John and Mike), Carl Bernosky, the Barrett family (Allie “Allie-Cat”, Tim, Heather), Jeannie Bolda of Lapua, Trevor Baucom and his wife Jill…want me to keep going?  Needless to say, I had a great time catching up with my industry friends.

Will post more soon!

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