NRA Show Excitement

It killed me not to be at the NRA Annual Meetings today because so much exciting stuff was going on today!  Thanks to Julie Golob for all the updates, because

Exciting News Topic #1 – Today at the Women’s Leadership Forum there was a new women’s only website announcement – the NRA Women’s Network!  It’s an incredible website and I foresee lots of great ladies and great stories being added to this page.

Women of the NRA TV

Women of the NRA TV

Exciting News Topic #2 – I have a twin and she was at the show today.  My friend Caleb Giddings was hanging out at the Lone Wolf booth earlier today.  He texted me and said, “I just saw you walk by the booth, come back here and see our stuff!”  Apparently it creeped Caleb out a lot.  Hee hee…

Exciting News Topic #3 Lots and lots of celebrity appearances! Doug Koenig, Julie Golob, Brian “Gunny” Zins, Eva Shockey, Matt & Jessie Duff, Trace Adkins and many more!

I’m also meeting up with some fellow Team WON members and other industry friends.  Tomorrow morning couldn’t get here fast enough!  I’m leaving bright and early with my friend Cathy, my copy of SHOOT and a big ‘ole cup of coffee!

See you all tomorrow!


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One Response to NRA Show Excitement

  1. George Bolte says:

    Wish I could have made the show as well this year. Made the one in KC back in 2001 along with my grandson who was only about 4 months old. Tell Cathy Santa said HI and have fun over there.

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