Will I Meet YOU in St. Louie?

This Saturday I am headed just across the state to the 141st NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. I am so excited I can barely stand it. I didn’t get to go to SHOT show in Vegas earlier this year so this is my opportunity to catch up with my industry friends.

Tonight I prepared my bag of goodies:

1) My show plan – where I am going and who I am going to see. I m getting to the show first thing Saturday morning and will meet my friend Jill right off the bat! So excited!

2) My I-SHOT Ghurka backpack is going to act as my “purse”. I don’t plan on collecting a lot of information but this pack will make it easy to transport a bottle of water, my camera and anything else I might need.

3) My copy of SHOOT by Julie Golob is packed and ready for signage. I can’t wait.

4) What to wear…do I want to look cute or comfortable? How about both?! I have a couple of outfits picked out. One is my Vertx polls and pants. The other is a more business-type suit that is super cute. Just need to find a pair of comfy shoes to match.

If you are headed to the show this weekend, be sure to have comfy shoes, a bottle of water and hand sanitizer. You will need all of the above. Flag me down if you see me. Would love to say hello!

Travel safe all!


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One Response to Will I Meet YOU in St. Louie?

  1. britneystarr says:

    See you there!

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