Spring Turkey Season – 4 Days Away!

My 2011 Gobbler - Howard County, MO

Missouri’s spring turkey season starts for the grown ups on Monday, April 16th, and I couldn’t be more excited.  If you’ve been keepin’ up with my friend Karen Lee over at the NWTF, you’ll see she’s already bagged a bird AND she’s been eating some scrumptous food.  I’m so jealous!  On my way home from work tonight I did see three big gobblers in a field.  Unfortunately, those birds weren’t on the place I’m hunting Monday morning.

The prep work started a couple of nights ago when Jim and I got the ground blind out and set up for a friend of ours that’s going to be hunting with us Monday morning.  Then, we went to another side of the property where I will be hunting, by myself, and made a nice little spot under a pine tree.  Did I mention I’ll be hunting by myself?  I’ll also be walking to the woods by myself.

A couple of days ago, I gathered all my gear at the house:

  • My SHE Safari Hunting clothes and Cat Skins base layers – I do NOT like to be cold and with the weather we’ve been having in Mid-Missouri, there’s no telling what the weather is going to be like opening morning.
  • Multi-purpose pack (I’m 100% opposed to fanny pack – sorry if you have one) but this handy multi-pouch allows me to store anything I would need for the hunt.
  • Hands free video glass – I would imagine my recording time will start when I leave the house because I’ll be walking to my spot in the dark, by myself.  I’m not afraid of the dark but it’s going to be a little creepy – just sayin’.
  • Decoys – I bought a B-Mobile and a She-Mobile a couple of years ago and just now took them out of the package.  They are a little deformed but hopefully being out for a few days will help.
She and B Mobile

She and B Mobile

  • My new butt warmer! Did you see above where I don’t like being cold?  I really don’t like it when my butt’s cold!  Who does?

Tonight, Jim and I sprayed  our clothes down with Permethrin — this isi some serious stuff.  I used to use a ThermaCell to try and keep the mosquitoes off, but it only works for mosquitoes.  Permethrin repels and kills mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks.

A Turkey Hunting Must-Have

A Turkey Hunting Must-Have

I hate ticks.  Not only are they disease infested bugs, but once I woke up and had 6 of them crawling all over me in the middle of the night.  It freaked me out!  Our clothes are completely saturated with it, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about any pests this year.

Soaked SHE Clothes

Soaked SHE Clothes

I can’t wait until Monday!  I’m hoping there are some birds on the back side of this lake.  That’s where I will be sitting in four days.  I’ll be sure to post pics when/if I get a big one!

They’ve been gobblin’ a little bit in the morning, so let’s hope they are just as prepared as I am!



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One Response to Spring Turkey Season – 4 Days Away!

  1. ponderosaman says:

    New Mexico’s season opens April 15, but I won’t be out until the 19th. I feel bad for the guys that are out there this weekend, since snow, cold and wind is scheduled. Besides the moon will come up right before the dawn breaks, which makes setup hard.

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