Dogwood Bloom – TAKE 2

Ok, so for whatever reason…the previous post posted without the words…just the photo.  Very strange.  What I said was:

The candle that I won for “Best Sounding Soup” arrived over the weekend and it smells so fresh and clean!  I haven’t burned it yet mainly because  I love opening the tin and taking a whiff from time to time.  I can’t imagine what it smells like when it’s burning.  Thanks for sending it Karen!

I noticed on the note, Karen said it came from her Grand Slam line…does this mean she has more yummy smelling candles? 


Dogwood Bloom - Smells so Fresh!

Dogwood Bloom - Smells so Fresh!

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One Response to Dogwood Bloom – TAKE 2

  1. I really like Karen’s candles. Isn’t she something? Busy editor, mom, wife, entrepreneur — all rolled into one powerful package!

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