What’s Your Plan?

A few nights ago, my daughter and I sat down and discussed the emergency plans for our house – what to do if there is a fire, a tornado, or worse – an intruder.  While the first two scenarios are the most common things discussed during family conversations like ours, how many of you can say you’ve discussed the third scenario in your home?   As a mother, scenario number three was a somewhat uncomfortable topic to discuss, but nonetheless an important one.

I live in a fairly small town of less than 10,000 people, so the chances of this happening are slim to none, however, it’s still possible, especially with my small town being halfway between two of largest cities in the state of Missouri.  My daughter, who will turn 11 year this (OMG — she’s turning 11 this year), knows that Momma is always prepared and organized, whether its our weekend plans or what time we’re leaving the house to go to work and school in the morning.  When I told her we needed to talk about something pretty serious, her eyes got really big and she almost had this “I didn’t do it” look on her face.  I said, “Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, but listen up because this is important.”

While you may think you live in the safest part of town or have the mindset that “if someone breaks into my house, they won’t have a chance”, does your family know your “plan”?  Do you have a safe room where everyone can go to in the event someone does break in?  Does your plan include what to do if someone comes in through the back door instead of the front?   What about if one of your family members is injured by the intruder?

All of the above are things to keep in mind when/if you choose to discuss these things with my family.  Is it scary?  Absolutely, but being prepared may protect the lives of everyone in your family.  Just food for thought.


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3 Responses to What’s Your Plan?

  1. A good reminder, Beth. We need to work on this more.

  2. larry weeks says:

    Beth, love your writing, this is slightly off topic. 10,000 isn’t a small town, it’s nearly a big city around these parts. We’re 1500, closest WalMart and brand-name junk food is in a town of 7000 about 20 miles away. 200 in the ittly-bitty town 8 miles away {our suburb :)} and around 900 in one 12 miles down the road. Your town is bright lights, big city for us! 10,000 is 30-40 miles away.

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