It’s Been A While

Just Shootin'

After two months off the range, I finally made it back yesterday.  It was good to be back.  The weather wasn’t too hot, there was a nice breeze in the air, and I got to see one of my favorite female shooters in action — me!  Just kidding!!  World champion shooter Vera Koo was there training for her next NRA Action Pistol tournament. 

My daughter came along with me to help run the timer.  She wasn’t in the mood for shooting yesterday but she was happy to help out her mom.  While Vera was busy training and we didn’t want to disturb her, I explained to Lauren who she was and she thought that was pretty darn awesome!

Being able to share days on the range with my daughter is something I’ll never forget.  It reminds me of a post I read a couple of weeks ago over at Women’s Outdoor News.  Tammy did a great job of explaining what that song means to her.  Trace Adkins has a way with words, and whether it’s shootin’, huntin’ or fishin’, being able to introduce our kids and grandkids to the sports we love is something they will pass along to their kids some day too!


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