Dogwood Bloom – TAKE 2

Ok, so for whatever reason…the previous post posted without the words…just the photo.  Very strange.  What I said was:

The candle that I won for “Best Sounding Soup” arrived over the weekend and it smells so fresh and clean!  I haven’t burned it yet mainly because  I love opening the tin and taking a whiff from time to time.  I can’t imagine what it smells like when it’s burning.  Thanks for sending it Karen!

I noticed on the note, Karen said it came from her Grand Slam line…does this mean she has more yummy smelling candles? 


Dogwood Bloom - Smells so Fresh!

Dogwood Bloom - Smells so Fresh!

About Beth

Beth is a writer, amateur pistol shooter and public relations professional for a successful outdoor distributor. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hunting, reading, blogging and sharing what she knows about the shooting industry. Email her at for more information.
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One Response to Dogwood Bloom – TAKE 2

  1. I really like Karen’s candles. Isn’t she something? Busy editor, mom, wife, entrepreneur — all rolled into one powerful package!

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