April Fools to me, 8 days late!

I’m never one to play the helpless girl card and expect to be treated differently, especially in the shooting sports industry. But over the past few months I’ve learned that one can easily be taken advantage of and not even realize it until it all comes crashing down on you.

Obviously the one that was taken advantage of was ME! I’m writing this as a warning to other shooters, especially new ones, male and female, because it can happen in the blink of an eye.

When a proposal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Rewind back to just after SHOT Show 2014. Here I was thinking I may acquire a new sponsor. I already own and like the product that they sell, so if it was something I could stand behind, why not? Weeks turned into months of ongoing talk with no outcome. Things just became fishy. Sponsorship turned into potential job, then potential job turned into another job I knew I didn’t have the qualifications for. RED FLAG! Thanks to a fellow lady shooter I was able to get to the bottom of it and find out that the talks going on were unknown to anyone else within the company except the one I was speaking to. The motive behind this is unclear and frankly I hope to never encounter the person to ask for myself.

My first emotion was uncontrollable rage, then total embarrassment! I should have known better, this is not my first time at the rodeo. Plus, I’m not really a gullible person!

Ask anyone who knows me. The logos that are on my shooting jersey are ones of my FRIENDS. Friends who I’ve known for a while. I use their gear and it is simply my way of showing my support for them. GOOD people who run GOOD companies deserve it and if wearing their name on my shirt helps in any manner, I’ll do it all day!
Yes, I sometimes receive things from them but I use them in competition! I do not get paid. I just do this for fun and it’s never been about making a living off of it, that’s impossible :)

Situations like this make me adore those that are on my jersey that much more. I know these folks more than just a chance meeting at an event and I know that they and all of their employees are in this for the right reasons and that’s why I am proud to be a part of their teams.

Please consider these amazing companies for all of your shooting needs.

Voodoo Tactical http://www.voodootactical.net/
XRAIL by RCI http://www.xrailbyrci.com/
FrogLube http://froglube.com/
Lantac USA http://www.lantac-usa.com/
Taccom Llc http://taccom3g.com/
Comp-Tac Victory Gear http://www.comp-tac.com/
AP Custom USA http://www.apcustomusa.com/
Animal Customs http://www.animalcustoms.com/
Benchmade Knife Company http://www.benchmade.com/
Rubber City Armory http://rubbercityarmory.com/
What Ya Say Hearing and Protection
Warren Tactical Sights http://warrentactical.com/
Sentinel Design Llc http://www.austereprovisions.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=SD-MF1722
Apex Tactical Specialties http://www.apextactical.com/

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Diana’s Grilled or Pan Seared Venison Tenderloin Steak Recipe

Ok, I don’t typically post recipes but I shared this one with my FB friends and it was such a hit that I decided to share it on SBB as well. It is seriously the best venison recipe ever – I just made it up one day and everyone who has tried it has asked me for the recipe. It is the easiest way to cook venison tenderloin and it tastes like a 5-star filet mignon! No kidding, give it a try:

Diana's Venison Tenderloin

Diana’s Venison Tenderloin

Diana's Venison Tenderloin Served

Diana’s Venison Tenderloin Served


2 venison tenderloins

2 tbs brown sugar

2 tbs vinegar

2 tbs olive oil

2 tbs soy sauce

2 tbs worcestershire sauce

2 tbs minced garlic

a few drops of liquid smoke

salt & pepper to taste


Mix all marinate ingredients – I just eyeball it but you can double or triple depending on the size of your tenderloin. Marinate tenderloin for at least 4 hours – I usually leave mine in a zip lock baggie in the fridge overnight.

Typically I grill it but you can pan sear it on med-high for a few min on each side, then pop it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 min (if you like it med-rare like me). For extra flavor – add about 2 spoons of the marinate to the pan so it doesn’t stick while roasting and it will turn into a perfect sauce to top it with. ENJOY!

PS. Works best with fresh venison, preferably from a 3 year old or younger doe or fawn, harvest it yourself. It just tastes better that way! ;)

Your friendly neighborhood gun lady,


Diana's Venison recipe

A pic from my friend Jeremy

Diana's Venison Recipe

Another pic from my friend Jeremy

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Taran Tactical Innovations STI & PMag Magazine Extension Base Pads – Review & Pictures

I bet you have seen these base pads pop up everywhere: pros are packing them around, TV shows feature them, and the internet is buzzing. But what do “real people” think? I will now give you my honest review complete with pictures and ratings after using them for about 6 months:

What I am reviewing?
The 4mm Red Base Pads for STI/SV
The Red TTI Gen 3 PMAG Extension

TTI Red STI & Gen 3 PMAG Base Pads

TTI Red STI & Gen 3 PMAG Base Pads

Review: Let me start by saying these base pads are GORGEOUS. My apologies but the pictures don’t do them justice – they are just the prettiest red I’ve ever seen! Those of you that know me in person are aware of my black & red obsession so these pads call to me just by their color. They also have them in black, blue & titanium grey.

The true appeal, however, is really in the design and increased capacity that comes along. There are no sharp corners anywhere, the design is clean and simple, and to put them on & off all you have to do is push the pin down & slide them off. No tools necessary – just your hands – which makes magazine cleanup on the range a breeze.

They are aluminum, so they are really lightweight, yet the coating (not sure what it is but looks the same as my Safariland 014 holster) is extremely durable. I’ve been using my STI base pads for small matches at indoor ranges the last 6 months (because it is cold here in MO), I’ve been dropping half-full mags on concrete floors and they still look brand new – not a scratch!

Comfort & usability cannot get any better than this. As I said, the design is sleek & simple, they are smooth and easy to grab, just a pleasure to look at & touch them. Honestly, I’d say these babies are the Apple Computers of shooting accessories, but would you really expect the King of 3 Gun Taran Butler to come up with anything less?

Last but not least – capacity increase! For my Gen3 30-rnd PMAGS the extension base pad added 4 more rounds (from 30 to 34)! And for my 170mm 38 super STI mags – it added 2 extra rounds (from 26 to 28). Now, it may not sound like a lot but if you shoot competition you know even a single extra round can save you a reload, which in my particular case is more than a few seconds, lol.

Now, my complaints (and I’m being really picky here): In order to really get the full capacity extension benefit out of these base pads you should also get the TTI springs and followers as well. I plan on doing that and reporting back later on. Still, even without them I got a very good capacity extension so I really can’t complain. The other minor gripe is that I lost one of the pins – I have no idea how but I would imagine it’s my own fault. Again – not really a problem because TTI customer service is amazing and I know I can just call them and have a new one on its way in a jiffy. I will let you all know when/if I do!

Overall: I would recommend these any day! If you have a good taste (like me, lol) and place emphasis on both style and usability – these are for you. They really are the Cadillac (or Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar) of base pads with the durability of a Jeep. And they really are not that steep for what you get – the 4mm STI pads are $32.99 and the 30-rnd PMAG Extension pads are $39.99. Totally worth it in my book because they look like a million bucks and will last forever.


  • Looks: 10/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Usability: 10/10
  • Capacity Increase 9/10

Here are some other articles about them:
On 3GunNation: Taran Tactical PMag Magazine Extension
On the Women’s Outdoor Network: 5 ways to customize your Handgun

Here are my pics:

TTI PMAG Extensions & STI Base Pads

TTI PMAG Extensions & STI Base Pads Bottoms

TTI PMAG Extensions & STI Base Pads Top

TTI PMAG Extensions & STI Base Pads Top

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Top

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Top

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Bottoms

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Bottoms

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Close Up

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Close Up

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Pin

TTI PMAG Extension Pads Pin

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pads

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pads

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pad Side

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pad Side

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pad Bottom

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pad Bottom

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pad Pin

Taran Tactical STI SV Base Pad Pin

I hope you have enjoyed my review. Please leave a comment if you did or if you have any additional questions. As I have mentioned before – I am very far from a professional so I probably can’t get very technical but I’ll do my best. Also, please know that while some of the items I review have been sent to me as free samples, my opinions are honest and true – you can count on me to tell you the truth as is!

Your friendly neighborhood gun lady,


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Safariland Red ELS Belt, Pouches & Model 014 Holster – Review & Pictures

Diana Hufstedler in Safariland gear

Me in my Safariland Gear

The first Safariland product I ever tried was an old leather paddle holster that a rep gave my husband years ago. He let me use it for my first IDPA match; it was his favorite holster… Yeah, I liked it so much that after trying several others I finally just added spacers (to help with my hips curvature) and “his” became “hers”. Safariland now makes holsters especially for women but we’ll talk about that some other time.

When I started shooting more USPSA matches I decided I deserve an ELS belt. I had seen them on other people and desperately wanted one. At the time I worked at MidwayUSA so thanks to my employee discount I acquired the (black) belt, the under-belt and the locking system kit pretty cheap. Boy, oh boy, is this thing sturdy! Soon I bought another black belt (just because I had to have the basket finish too) but today I want to talk about and show you in pictures my current RED open gun rig setup (first saw it on Maggie Reese and had to have it). I absolutely love it, I would never switch, and I hope my pictures & review help you in your decision-making process!

Review: This belt/holster set up is not only stylish, it is extremely sturdy, customizable and multifunctional. The (hard) plastic receiver plates can be bolted onto the belt and the “male” ones to various pouches and accessories. It makes for super easy and quick switches, not to mention you can adjust the angle! The 014 holster (which you can bolt directly onto the belt or use a receiver like I have) is AMAZING! It has a patented system in it (looks like a ball inside) that allows you to adjust it to whatever, I mean whatever angle you like. You can also adjust the length & tightness. The locking devise is perfect for me – super secure so I know my gun won’t fall out when locked, yet easy to unlock. Not to mention it is super lightweight (aluminum probably) but strong. The red powder coating on it is also super durable. I have used this setup for a year now and there are no scratches! Seriously, I am really rough on my gear and this thing looks brand new. I guess the only complaint I have is that the belt is so hard & sturdy that when I fully load it for 3-gunning for example – it bruises my hips. I guess men won’t have the same complaint, not only because of the lack of hips but also because “too sturdy” is hardly a complaint. :) Did I also mention that the red color is killer – really my style but also suitable for men. It turns heads at the range regardless of gender and I have already talked several of my friends into buying one. I wore it during the Bianchi Cup last year and got tons of compliments – read about that experience HERE.

For both weekend warriors like myself and serious competitors – it just doesn’t get any better than this system. Worth the money 100% and I think they have a Holsters.com deal going on right now: you get a 50% off card if you renew your IDPA membership: Click HERE for details. Also, you can watch Jim Stoutten’s video review HERE.

  • Look: 10/10
  • Durability: 10/10
  • Comfort: 9/10
  • Usability: 10/10

So, this is how the whole setup looks (sorry, my pics are a bit dark):

Diana Hufstedler Safariland Red ESL Rig & Holster

My Safariland Red ESL Rig & Holster Setup

Here is a detail of the basket finish – personally I like it better than the nylon look because it reminds me of fiber glass:

Safariland Red ELS Basket Finish Belt

I love the look of the finish and how sturdy the belt is.

Here is the front/top of the mag pouch – you can see how thick, yet light it is; then the leather(?) is glued on top.

Safariland ELS Mag Pouch

Mag pouch front

Here is the back of the pouch: you can see I have mine at an angle.

Safariland Red ELS Mag Pouch

Back of Mag Pouch

You can see I have my holster attached to one of the receiver systems for easy holster swap but you can also bolt it directly to the belt.

Safariland Red 014 Competition Holster

014 holster attaches to ELS Belt

Here is the side view. You can adjust the tension with the round dial and the black “thingy” above it is the locking mechanism.

Safariland Red 014 Competition Holster

Safariland 014 Holster side view

Here is the back view (facing your thigh). It is very comfortable even when I bump into it.

Safariland Red 014 Competition Holster

Safariland 014 Competition Holster – back view

Here is where your gun sits; as I said earlier – the locking mechanism is very reliable (if you remember to use it) but even when not on “lock” the gun still sits in very well so it won’t just fall out unless you’re jumping around. I still wouldn’t chance it so please don’t try that! :)

Safariland Red 014 Competition Holster

Safariland 014 Holster – where your gun sits

Here is an overall view of the holster:

Safariland Red 014 Competition Holster

Safariland Red 014 Competition Holster Overall View

I hope you have enjoyed my review. Please leave a comment if you did or if you have any additional questions. As I have mentioned before – I am very far from a professional so I probably can’t get very technical but I’ll do my best. Also, please know that while some of the items I review have been sent to me as free samples, my opinions are honest and true – you can count on me to tell you the truth as is!

Your friendly neighborhood gun lady,


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Loading Airsoft Guns and Pistols: Guidelines and Steps

Here is a great article contributed by our reader Dana Smith. Hope you enjoy learning about airsoft guns as much as we did:

First and foremost, Airsoft guns are one of the most talked about in the firearms industry. Most people love the ease of handling that airsoft guns offer in case they are using ammunition for the very first time in their life. The good thing is that the airsoft guns and pistols are equally good for those have a good amount experience with guns. Another point to make is that, there is a range available when it comes to airsoft guns and pistols. And, there is a different way of operating all.

2013 Airsoft Pistols

Replica Airguns’ 2013 Airsoft Pistols

Let’s Begin with Spingers

The spring variety of airsoft guns is a high speed, high accuracy variety of Relica airsoft airguns, which can be used by all. Whether you are a professional or an amateur beginner, both can manage this variety. There are few reasons that make the spring guns an item of utility for both experienced and beginners. The reason is that the springers do not need gas, charging, batteries to operate. The only drawback is that those who own an electric gun should refrain from using a springer.


If you own an airsoft gun, here is the manual to loading the arm before you are ready to aim and fire. Understanding the gun type is the first step to handling it. The rest of the steps are mentioned as follows:

STEP 1: Separate the magazine from the gun. For doing this you will need to press the magazine release located either near the top of the magazine or on the hand grip in case of a pistol.In case of a high-cap magazine, there will be a door that you can slide to open, located at the top of the magazine. There would be a hole for the BBs to out from.

Step 2: You will now be required to use a speed loader and to put the end where the BBs come out of, into the opening. Thereafter, you will be required to press down on the lever. At a time, 3-4 3-4 BBs come out on press down the lever. You can now close the door, after having filled.

STEP 3: In case of a magazine without a high capacity, you need to stop if you feel any resistance or when you feel that no more BBs can fill inside. Filling pistols can be much more tricky because you will have to fill in one by one. You will be required to take one BB, put it in the hole on the magazine top, push it in and load. You will have to repeat one by one, until full.

STEP 4: For loading the magazine, you need to insert it with the end with the container where the BBs come out of. The ‘click’ voice indicates that the magazine has been fully and properly inserted.

Having loaded your airsoft guns and pistols, you are now ready to aim and fire. However, there are some safety guidelines that you must read for being able to properly operate these guns. Always remember to put the safety mode on prior to using the gun. This should be done even prior to loading the gun. Aiming at the target is done by adjusting the front sight with the rear sight. Next, turn off the safety. Control and normalize your breath and bring your heart beat to slower pace. Having aimed the target, and as you are controlling your breath, pull the trigger. Squeeze the trigger!

Well done on hitting your target in a single shot. And, even if you missed it, be patient that with every shot that you take, you will get better.

Dana Smith is an avid reader who also loves to write on various subjects. The latest that she is researching and learning about relates to arms and ammunition. Information about Airsoft guns seems to interest her as much as knowledge about knives and BB Air Guns. Keep reading more from Dana Smith and add to your knowledge base. Also, check out Replica Airguns’ website

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It’s their time, up there! Down here, it’s OUR time!

Prepping for a match can be nerve racking enough but knowing that you are shooting alongside professionals can send your nerves through the roof! The first match I ever shot was the CMMG Midwest 3 Gun and I was in the same squad as a handful of 3 Gun Nation Pro Series competitors, no pressure right?

This year the folks that put together the CMMG match decided it was time to run a major match just for amateur shooters, the Brownells US Amateur & Junior National Championships. The only stipulation was that you could not participate if you own one of those coveted Pro Series spots that we all dream of. That didn’t mean that Pro’s weren’t present at the match! Team Benelli’s Kurt Miller and Trapr Swonson along with Tim Ubl, of Taccom Llc, were on hand to RO and give tips to the shooters.

My squad started out on the long range stage which included two pistol plate racks, shooting steel shotgun targets from a tall platform and seven MGM rifle flasher targets reaching out to 300 yards. Some friends convinced me to shoot my new Doublestar Corp rifle that I’d only shot three rounds from 100 yards with at my home range. This would definitely be the stage where I would see if those three shots were really as good as I thought they were two days ago in the dark! Well, let’s just say having Kurt Miller tell me that my hits were 6-8” high was enough to knock me down from my little high horse! The rest of the match I spent aiming a smidge low just in case.

Our next two stages took place in the woods. This area has been my favorite at previous matches, but then, the rain came! Mother nature let us have it. But since there was no lightening, we continued to shoot despite the conditions. While my squad mates were shooting I was standing at the preload table with an umbrella trying to keep everyone’s weapons as dry as possible. I really didn’t want my awesome FNH USA “I FN Heart Mark Wills” sticker to wash off of the stock of my shotgun! :)

While I was on the already slippery wooden deck of stage 7 I had to reload my shotgun. With each shell I pushed in with my right hand, I could feel the gun slipping in my left hand so I smashed the stock of my gun into my shoulder with my chin praying I could hold it for just a couple more shells. Stage 8 required us to make our way down a path to targets that were virtually hidden in the darkness of the trees and mud they were now covered in. This is where stage planning comes in handy and knowing how many targets are present and when you are going to reload can make or break your stage. When your RO says, “If you are done make your weapon safe and show me an empty chamber,” it makes you take a second, third and fourth look to make sure all targets were neutralized.

Besides the weather, another obstacle I had to face was being a shorty! It seems like every port or rest is made for someone much taller than I am. When asked to shoot from a spool but through a port, everyone was able to kneel and see over the spool out to the target. If I kneeled behind the spool all I saw was…the spool. In order for me to follow the rules yet make myself stable I squatted down and smashed my right shoulder against the side of the spool. It worked, but took me too many seconds to figure it out after the buzzer.
Shooting from the half roof stages are fun for those under 6’ also. Thankfully my tippy toes have grown accustom to balancing on the top board and if I rest the mag well of my rifle along the front side of the roof, it makes for a very stable shot!

Adapt and overcome they say! It’s tough being an amateur in this sport and this match is a welcome addition to the season. Like Mikey said, it’s OUR time!

My squad finished quite well in the standings. We had the 1st and 4th place winners of the Tac Ops division and some gentlemen that finished very well in the open class with their crazy shotguns. They traveled 19 hours from North Dakota to shoot this match!

I finished in the B class and walked away with a Nordic Components package for a shotgun. Diana won some shotgun shell caddies from one of my sponsors, Taccom! This was her first match but I could see it in her eyes, she’ll be back.

Thanks to Animal Customs for keeping Jaden (Tac Iron Junior Champion) and I looking awesome in our jerseys.

And to my other sponsors that continue to let me play with their cool gear. Voodoo Tactical, Roth Concept Innovation, Froglube, What-Ya-Say Hearing, AP Custom, Sentinel Design,Taccom, Warren Tactical, Rubber City Armory, I thank you all for your support.

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